Alfa waterproofing and painting contractors are situated in the East of Pretoria. We specialise in all kinds of waterproofing for roofs, leaking roofs and ceilings, sagging roofs, and damaged roofs. Further we also waterproof factory roofs including IBR roofs, Corrugated Steel roofs, Box Gutters, and Cliplock roofs to name a few.

We offer seamless waterproofing solutions suitable for both Commercial and Domestic use, for New Developments and refurbished properties. We provide waterproofing and dampproofing for roofs and can waterproof any substrate. We have done waterproofing on 1000’s of roofs all over Gauteng, including Johannesburg and surrounds.

Our Team has more than 10 years experience in problem solving leaking roofs both pitched and flat roofs and we repair and replace rotten and damaged timber. We provide restoration services for roof trusses, branderings and ceilings.

Bituman Waterproofing 

Bitumen Aluminium Paint is a solvent-based reflective top coating for all bitumen-based waterproofing products. Whilst the product is UV resistant it does require maintenance every 2-3 years to prevent deterioration of the underlying surface. Application is by brush, roller or spray. Surfaces must be thoroughly clean and dry prior to application. 

Torch-on Membrane should be allowed to “cure” for several days before applying Bitumen Aluminium Paint. Failure to do so can cause “spider-cracking” of the paint surface and a bronze rather than a silver finish. 

Coverage is approximately 7 sq m per litre. Two coats are recommended.” 

Torch-on membrane has been one of the most successful waterproofing products for the protection of flat roofs, balconies and even subterranean walls. 

It has been used in South Africa for the past 30-40 years and comes in various thicknesses and finishes. However, what is important is the quality of product. Our climatic conditions are almost unique with extreme Ultra Violet attack coupled with temperature variations ranging from -15ºC to 50ºC. For this reason it is vital that the membranes used are Atactic-Polypropylene (APP) Modified Bituminous Membrane which have been thoroughly tested by a reputable industry body, such as the European Board of Agréments, with a proven track record in this country. 

Safeguard uses only products supplied by Vetroasfalto, an Italian manufacturer, whose products have been used in this country over several decades.

The range of products includes:

  • Vetroasfaltol Systema 4mm APP Plain finish
  • Vetroasfalto Systema 3mm APP Plain finish
  • Vetroasfalto Systema 3mm APP Mineral Chip finish – Green, Grey, Red
  • Vetroasfalto SAPPI 4mm APP Plain
  • Vetroasfalto SAPPI Ala 4mm APP Plain
  • These products, if properly installed by one of our approved applicators and regularly re-painted with Bitumen Aluminium Paint, have a guaranteed life of 10 years and should last even longer. 



Alfa waterproofing and painting contractors specialises in Interior and Exterior wall coatings, whether you have a need to protect, preserve or decorate (add colour) or cover a surface with pigmented coating for prevention such as prevention corrosion. 

We provide paint coatings for roofs, houses factories and we offer a professional service taking care to provide the highest quality job, by utilising the best (SABS Approved) coating products, manufactured to the highest standards. Our quality of pant work is delivered by highly skilled technical specialists who are not only reliable but have a friendly disposition too. Superior care is taken in the preparation of our paint, we also repair paint coating textures using various highly refined techniques.

We provide waterproofing coatings of lower walls, window frame ledges, plumbing inspection areas, boundary and feature walls. The specialised machinery we utilise enables free spraying of large roofs such as factories, schools, hospitals, churches and warehouse roofs with ease and precision. In addition we also treat timber and wooden door and window frames as well as wooden garage doors, for Commercial, Residential and Industrial areas. 

For all your interior and exterior wall and roof paint coating requirements contact us!

We paint, its what we do!

Building costs are rising almost daily and it is important to preserve the condition of our properties wherever possible.

Identifying the root causes of damp and then correctly identifying the treatment required is not easy and for this reason Safeguard offers to inspect properties and to make either verbal recommendations for rectification of the problems or a full and detailed report, including photographs, and a comprehensive specification for the treatment.

Whether you are a potential home owner or an existing property owner or manager, it is a good idea to obtain an independent assessment of the condition of your property whether it be ahead of a possible purchase or simply to address the signs of damp.

Our technical staff have been conducting inspections for well over 10 years and in that time have produced thousands of such reports. By using moisture meters that will detect the presence of moisture well beneath the surface of your building materials, they will be able to pinpoint the source of any damp problems experienced and identify the best method of preventing its reoccurrence as well as addressing the existing damage.

 This service is ideal for:

  • Home and corporate property owners
  • Property managers
  • Contractors

Bodies Corporate 



Alfa Waterproofing and Paint Contractors specialises in all roof repairs both flat and pitched roofs, Commercial and Residential repairs. Our roof repair services include: Leaking roofs, sagging roofs, tiled roof repairs-roof ridging, valleys, and sidewall flashings,as well as cornices including moulded cornices, flashings and custom made flashings. 

Roofs generally leak slowly, leaks go unnoticed due to ceiling insulation. In order to avoid high cost, have your roff checked every 3 years as by the time you notice a damp patch on the ceiling it may be to late!

We provide roof reports, should you have a property on the market that you are interested in either buying or selling contact us for an expert roof advice report.

When sagging ceilings, loose facia boards, dripping sounds or loose gutters are noticed its advisable to call immediately for a roof report to be done.  


When waterproofing is left unattended water damage to your ceilings is certain to occur. Our main priority art Alfa is to do a thorough inspection on all roofing elements. We specialise in ceiling repairs and maintenance including Rhinoboard plastered ceiling and Bishop strip ceilings as well as insulations, emergency leak repairs and storm damaged roofs.