We offer seamless waterproofing solutions suitable for both Commercial and Domestic use, for New Developments and refurbished properties. We provide waterproofing and dampproofing for roofs and can waterproof any substrate. We have done waterproofing on 1000’s of roofs all over Gauteng, including Johannesburg and surrounds.


Alfa waterproofing and painting contractors specialises in Interior and Exterior wall coatings, whether you have a need to protect, preserve or decorate (add colour) or cover a surface with pigmented coating for prevention such as prevention corrosion.We provide paint coatings for roofs, houses factories and we offer a professional service.

Damp Proofing

Identifying the root causes of damp and then correctly identifying the treatment required is not easy and for this reason Safeguard offers to inspect properties and to make either verbal recommendations for rectification of the problems or a full and detailed report, including photographs, and a comprehensive specification for the treatment.

General Services

Alfa Waterproofing and Paint Contractors specialises in all roof repairs both flat and pitched roofs, Commercial and Residential repairs. Our roof repair services include: Leaking roofs, sagging roofs, tiled roof repairs-roof ridging, valleys, and sidewall flashings,as well as cornices including moulded cornices, flashing.