Building costs are rising almost daily and it is important to preserve the condition of our properties wherever possible.

Identifying the root causes of damp and then correctly identifying the treatment required is not easy and for this reason Safeguard offers to inspect properties and to make either verbal recommendations for rectification of the problems or a full and detailed report, including photographs, and a comprehensive specification for the treatment.

Whether you are a potential home owner or an existing property owner or manager, it is a good idea to obtain an independent assessment of the condition of your property whether it be ahead of a possible purchase or simply to address the signs of damp.

Our technical staff have been conducting inspections for well over 10 years and in that time have produced thousands of such reports. By using moisture meters that will detect the presence of moisture well beneath the surface of your building materials, they will be able to pinpoint the source of any damp problems experienced and identify the best method of preventing its reoccurrence as well as addressing the existing damage.

This service is ideal for:

• Home and corporate property owners

• Property managers

• Contractors

• Bodies Corporate