Alfa Waterproofing and Paint Contractors specialises in all roof repairs both flat and pitched roofs, Commercial and Residential repairs. Our roof repair services include: Leaking roofs, sagging roofs, tiled roof repairs-roof ridging, valleys, and sidewall flashings,as well as cornices including moulded cornices, flashings and custom made flashings.

Roofs generally leak slowly, leaks go unnoticed due to ceiling insulation. In order to avoid high cost, have your roff checked every 3 years as by the time you notice a damp patch on the ceiling it may be to late!

We provide roof reports, should you have a property on the market that you are interested in either buying or selling contact us for an expert roof advice report.

When sagging ceilings, loose facia boards, dripping sounds or loose gutters are noticed its advisable to call immediately for a roof report to be done.


When waterproofing is left unattended water damage to your ceilings is certain to occur. Our main priority art Alfa is to do a thorough inspection on all roofing elements. We specialise in ceiling repairs and maintenance including Rhinoboard plastered ceiling and Bishop strip ceilings as well as insulations, emergency leak repairs and storm damaged roofs.