Alfa waterproofing and painting contractors specialises in Interior and Exterior wall coatings, whether you have a need to protect, preserve or decorate (add colour) or cover a surface with pigmented coating for prevention such as prevention corrosion.

We provide paint coatings for roofs, houses factories and we offer a professional service taking care to provide the highest quality job, by utilising the best (SABS Approved) coating products, manufactured to the highest standards. Our quality of pant work is delivered by highly skilled technical specialists who are not only reliable but have a friendly disposition too. Superior care is taken in the preparation of our paint, we also repair paint coating textures using various highly refined techniques.

We provide waterproofing coatings of lower walls, window frame ledges, plumbing inspection areas, boundary and feature walls. The specialised machinery we utilise enables free spraying of large roofs such as factories, schools, hospitals, churches and warehouse roofs with ease and precision. In addition we also treat timber and wooden door and window frames as well as wooden garage doors, for Commercial, Residential and Industrial areas.

For all your interior and exterior wall and roof paint coating requirements contact us!

We paint, its what we do!